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Crazy Beautiful Weddings

Crazy Beautiful Weddings

Crazy Beautiful Weddings

Located in the heart of downtown Pembroke, Crazy Beautiful Dresses and Décor is your destination for all things wedding! They focus on finding their customers gowns they feel beautiful in, while having a one of a kind experience with each of thier staff.  They make sure to capture the vision of the bride and her partner when decorating their space for their special day! Their main goal is that their customers leave happy!

We at Crazy Beautiful Dresses really enjoyed the entire process of working with Yvonne. We are so happy with our website, thank you.

Kim C.

Owner, Crazy Beautiful Dresses

Farmstead Cheesehouse

Farmstead Cheesehouse

Farmstead Cheesehouse


GENDER: male & female
AGE: 25+

INTERESTS: healthy lifestyle, organic, nature, shop local

PROBLEM: Over the last decade, dairy has been given a bad reputation due to the industrial production of dairy. Multi-national corporations have produced dairy products on a large scale losing its uniqueness. Farmstead Cheesehouse offers locally sourced homemade goods and adapt to break the stigma.


Farmstead Cheesehouse ideal customer cares about the type of food they consume. They are willing to spend a little more knowing they are purchasing a high-quality product essential to their health. This customer may be single or in a relationship, with or without a family. Ready to splurge on a treat such as homemade ice cream or high quality locally sourced cheese for themselves, their family or even a gift for a friend.

We love it! All of us!

I really like the welcome triangle you made for the entrance, looks so good!! 🙂

Nicolas + Stephanie + Fiona

Owners, Farmstead Cheesehouse

Inspired Events + Decor

Inspired Events + Decor

Inspired Events + Decor

Inspired Events + Decor provide services for weddings, galas, and special events across the Ottawa Valley and surrounding areas. They take great pride in transforming spaces for their clients.

Das Studio went above and beyond my expectations. Highly recommend for Logo & Website Design. She is an amazing coach along the way and will teach you tips and tricks that will make you more successful as a business. Very grateful for her and her services!

Taylor W.

Owner, Inspired Events + Decor