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Engine House Coffee

Engine House Coffee launched in 2011 in Eganville, Ontario by founder Daniel Scorzriello. With a love for coffee and having worked as a barista from a young age, Dan opened Engine House Coffee out of his home. With an Italian background, Dan’s knowledge and passion for coffee continued to grow. It didn’t take long before Engine House Coffee was featured on a CBC comedy show called “Still Standing” with Jonny Harris. The show fueled Engine House popularity and sparked inspiration for many more blends. Including the “Still Standing” blend still available today. Early on, this family-owned business participated in farmers markets. Offering a wide variety of blends to study the consumer’s preferences. To further fuel their passion for finding the perfect blends, a trip to Columbia was in the horizon. Where Engine House Coffee learned the cultivation of the coffee cherry plant which produces exceptional taste and aroma. Through years of trial and error, Engine House Coffee developed many delicious blends. Now serving 7 popular blends across the Ottawa Valley and beyond.