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New Bolder Look, Same Brilliant Services.

New Bolder Look, Same Brilliant Services.

Das Studio has evolved! Not only in the quality of our work, but also in our total brand identity. We celebrate our 6th year of Making Brands Better. We are blessed to work with our lovely local and worldwide clients. It was time for a rebrand to match our ever-growing passion and dedication to exceptional design.


New Colour Palette

We’ve said goodbye to monochromatic teal and Hello to fresh, vibrant colours for our brand. Our new colour pallets highlight our personality and professional services. We don’t limit ourselves to any singular design trend, so why should be we bound to a singular colour? Just as there are thousands of unique businesses, there are limitless design possibilities.

Two Distinct Words

You may have noticed the added space in Das Studio. We did this to clear up any confusion on the name. Capitalizing the two words has shed light on the meaning of the title — “Das Studio” (that’s German for “The Studio”). Yes, we’re that fancy. 

Refined Slogan

After much thought, we feel that we have found a slogan that defines us! Making Brands Better. Yep, that is our mission, summarized in three words. It made sense to add this to our logo tagline since this is exactly what we do! It is our passion and privilege to create sleek and functional designs for each brand we work with.

Gimme More

Besides our visual brand identity, we’ve revamped the Das Studio website. Our website has gone through a full makeover and extensive testing. Its’ performance and appearance are top-notch, head to toe. It’s not only really ridiculously good-looking, but it is also intelligent. Now, that’s sexy!
What is Branding?

What is Branding?

Coca-Cola, Nestle, Starbucks, Pepsi…what do these companies all have in common? There’s a high chance you consume at least one of these products and it’s not just because they taste good. The products are highly successful because they have mastered the art of branding.

Take Coca-Cola for instance. Their ads seem to always evoke feelings of warmth and optimism. In the commercials, you see families and friends gathered, bottle of Coca-Cola in hand.

In one the most famous commercials of all time (1971 Coca Cola commercial), we see a group of people singing “I’d like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company.” Coca Cola has always relied on the marketing approach of evoking a positive, carefree vibe for its customers. It’s an effective approach as it is a beverage of choice in many family gatherings, parties and restaurants.

In our increasingly competitive business market, we all want our company to stand out and be recognized in a sea of other businesses offering similar products and services.

You’ve probably heard the term “branding” used frequently to describe a company’s brand style, but what exactly is it? defines branding as “The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.”

 Put into simple terms, a brand is your company’s personality: who you are and how others perceive you. It is what sets you apart from your competitors. Your consumers develop a sense of what to expect from your product or services based on the values and qualities you choose to communicate in your design, slogan and marketing campaigns.

For instance, if you are a daycare provider, you may opt to style your marketing material with bright colors, playful fonts and simple illustrations to characterize your business as a place for children. Your slogan is “Providing a Safe Place for Children to Grow.” Naturally, you will make it clear to your prospects that your daycare teachers are CPR certified and provide continual video monitoring to ease the concerns of the child’s parent.

On the other hand, if you are an attorney, you will likely go for a more sleek and professional look using neutral colors like gray, navy or crimson red.

In branding, your goal is to solve a problem or fulfill a need specific to your target audience. There are multiple ways and styles of doing this. Do your research and decide what approach will work for your unique clientele. Remember Corona’s “Find Your Beach” commercials? They  offer their consumers a much needed escape from work. Then you have the famous Nike swoosh “Just Do it” intended to motivate you to workout and purchase their line of athletic apparel. Different approaches work for different companies.

Effective Branding will..

Make a clear statement about you

  • Make you appear trustworthy
  • Provide an emotional connection to your customer
  • Motivate your buyers to make a purchase
  • Promote customer loyalty

Zoom blank-branding-identity-business-6372.jpg

Ready To Get Started? 

Here is a step by step process to help make you a branding rock star…

Step 1: Identify your business objective. Be as specific as possible about what you wish to accomplish in your business and develop a company mission.

Step 2: Research, research, research. Who are you competitors? What are they doing right? Don’t reinvent the wheel, but also keep your brand unique.

Step 3: Decide your marketing style. Is your jewelry line going to have an elegant, upscale look to appeal to white collar professional woman? Or are you an up-and-coming video game store appealing to college students with an edgy grunge look?

Step 4: Write out your goals. Decide the step-by-step process of how you will create your brand. Do you have a logo? What social media accounts will you primarily use to market yourself? Does the style of your website reflect the style of your brand? What are your budget goals?

Step 5: Maintenance Mode It’s easy to get off track and focus on your immediate tasks, but it’s vital that you keep on top of your brand strategy. You may have to take a step back and re-evaluate your current marketing approach. Decide what’s working for you and what’s not.

This a great starting point and should be reevaluated periodically to ensure your business success. If you are unsure, you may want to consider hiring a professional to help you work out the details. As tempting as it may be to jump into the launching of your brand, it is wise to plan strategically so that you have a firm foundation.

Impactful CTA Button Design

Impactful CTA Button Design

Would you believe the color a of your call to action button could encourage your user to click that “Buy Now” button? Because colors influence one’s emotions, it also can influence decision buying. And that is definitely worth taking a few minutes to explore. Needless to see, we all want to maximize our results as well as the size of our wallets. 

Trending Colors

You may have noticed the multitude of red, green, orange and blue buttons. Why is that? Because those particular colors cause an emotional reaction, and could potentially lead toward a buying decision. 

1. Red – it’s bold, powerful, heart pounding and makes you STOP and take a look at what’s in front of you. It is arguably the most effective CTA color to use because of its intense passion and attention-grabbing quality. 


2. Green – a calming color associated with the “Go” traffic light, nature and prosperity. Easy on the eyes, green is an excellent choice of color when you want to give your client the OK to purchase your product. 


3. Orange – a bright and cheerful color that also reflects creativity makes it a winner. Amazon, the most successful online company, uses orange to highlight their “Add to Cart” buttons. It must not be a bad choice, considering Amazon’s success. 


4. Blue – conveys trust, has a calming effect and is the favorite colors for men and women alike. Ebay makes use of blue buttons on their shopping cart button.  


It’s All About That Contrast

When it comes right down to it, the most important thing is for your button to be as obvious as possible. Higher contrast equals higher conversions. 

Image Source: Smashing Magazine

You want to ensure the text is also extremely visible on the button. Don’t use a scripty, hard to read font. 

Likewise, be sure the button color contrasts well with your background. 

For instance, A bright orange button is going to stand out especially well on a sky-blue background. They are complimentary colors.

 WordStream nails this color scheme on their “Get the free report today” CTA button. Also effective is their captivating headline “40 Hours of PPC Analysis in 60 Seconds or Less!” and subtitle “Fast, Secure, Free” which helps reassure the user that they are not going to instantly regret their decision to click. 


See how easily Netflix entices you to join Netflix (assuming you’re not already one of the 118 million subscribers). 

They keep the message brief and they assure you that you can cancel at any time AND get the first month free. Colorful movie and shows in the background pique your interest to “See what’s next” in their massive collection of entertainment. 

Note that the button message is extremely important as well. Would you have been as motivated to click that red button if it simply read “Join Now”?

Stay True to Your Brand

Whatever color you choose for your CTA button, make sure that it ties in with your brand. If your Brand Colors are Orange and Green, don’t use a blue CTA button which will probably confuse your user.

Consider who your audience is and select a style that reflects their personality.  

If you are a wedding planner for instance, a pink button that matches your brand colors would be more effective than a BOB (big, orange button.)


Ask yourself these questions: 

1. Does my CTA button stand out?
2. Does my copy convince users to take action?
3. Is my CTA button easy to find?
4. Does my CTA button reflect my brand?
5. How will my prospects benefit by clicking?

Don’t be afraid to experiment and switch up the style until you reach your desired goal. Make a few versions of your product page and test it out on users. Google Analytics Solutions and Optimizely are a couple of great options.

Marketing trends are constantly evolving and what was popular in 2015 may look completely outdated in 2020. Keep your style fresh and engaging.    


Naming Your Business

Naming Your Business

Naming your business can be scary and it should be done carefully since it will represent you wherever you go!

What’s in a name?

For a business name to be an effective advertising tool it must be easily understood by the consumer what your business does and who the targeting audience is. Being mysterious or misleading will confuse and drive customers away.

Some things to think about:

Does it clearly describe the products or services offered?
Don’t waste anyone’s time by giving the wrong impression about your products and/or services.

Does it reflect the values of your business?
Think about how you want your business to be perceived.

Is the name memorable?
Separate yourself from the competition by being unique. Choose a name that doesn’t already exist in the market. Keep it simple and avoid abbreviations and acronyms. Names that are easy to pronounce and spell are easy to remember.

Are you legally allowed to use it?
By law, your business name cannot be the same or similar to an existing corporate name or trademark. To avoid running into this issue do some online research to be sure that it is unique!

Naming your business is one of the hardest decisions you will face when launching your business. You may come across advice that is based on people’s opinions and preferences and not on practical evidence.

Hiring a professional can help you with creating a perfect name and navigating the trademark laws.