Why Long Format Sales Pages Work

Why Long Format Sales Pages Work

A long format sales page is a long sales pitch all on one page. These pages work extremely well in many circumstances if the content of the page is strategically placed and visually appealing.

The reason why you have a website is because you have a product or service you would like to sell.  If you only have one product or service there is no reason why you should have more than one page on your website. The only information you need to advertise on you site is to educate the consumer about the product/service and its benefits.

A single page helps the consumer come to a decision quickly. Several pages can be distracting and only get in the way of your important sales pitch!

Why Long Sales Pages Work:

  1. The long sales page answers mostly if not all possible questions a customer may have.
  2. People have short attention spans and do not like to take action. So fewer pages and buttons will encourage the consumer to make a decision.
  3. All the content is presented on one page and the headings are the navigation cues.
  4. The only clickable option is the buy button/link.
  5. Big bold headlines and all the other wacky fonts you see in long sales page work because it attracts attention.

Right now there is no better solution of selling some products online. Ask me today if a long format sales page is right for your product and test the page to see if it performs – it’s as simple as that.