Just when you thought that you were finally caught up with the newest technology Moo’s Business Cards hit a slam dunk with the launch of the NFC chip card reader. The Business Cards+ with NFC technology can share your contacts or portfolio by simply tapping a smartphone. Keep Reading, Contest Rules below! 🙂

Key Features:

  • High quality Conqueror® Alive paper
  • Easily program Actions to the embedded NFC chip
  • Trigger digital Actions with a single tap
  • Make smarter, faster connections for your business
  • Business Cards+ from CDN$ 39.99

Business cards have been persistently one of the most effective networking tools from the start and continue to be one of the most important first impressions your brand can ever make. Moo, the online retailer for custom-printed business cards has given this ancient networking tool an upgrade by connecting the digital world with the physical in just one tap!

Tap into the future | Business Cards+ from moo.com on Vimeo.

Their new cutting edge, released today, business cards are embedded with the same Near Field Communication technology used in the common tap-and-go services like Apple Pay. By simply tapping your smartphone (no app required) the card will allow users to skip the tedious typing and go straight to the information online such as websites, social media profiles and even online portfolios. Best thing about it is that the design and beauty of the physical card still remains unlike those awful QR codes that everyone should have ditched 10 years ago! (If you are still using the QR code, please stop.)

Moo developed a platform called Paper+ which allows the user to customize the information on their physical card and lets the user control where the card links to and to see who clicks on their card and when. Applications can be as simple as automatically adding your contact details onto someones contact list on their smart phone or it can include actions like pulling u a song, an app download, or the latest posts on your Instagram account. Since it is URL-based the user may change the link by simply updating the preprogrammed information.

Right now the cards are compatible with Android and Windows phones. The newer iphones do have the Apple Pay tap option and in the near future I am certain that apple will unlock this feature to upkeep with its competitors.

I am confident that the technology will be expanded — therefore I am willing to offer a free business card design (or re-design) for 1 lucky winner!!

To enter the contest all you have to do is…

  • Like Das Studio on Facebook.
  • Share this post.
  • Tag a friend in the comments section.
  • If you are the winner, you must print using the NFC chip card through moo. Business Cards+  start from CDN$ 39.99. You may print as many cards as you want. Printing costs are not included.
  • Contest ends June 30th, Winner will be announced on Facebook on July 1st!