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How to Install WordPress on GreenGeeks

How to Install WordPress on GreenGeeks

Green Geeks makes WordPress installation nice ‘n easy with the Softaculous installer. We will walk you through the steps to complete setup so you can get your website up and running pronto!

Once you have registered and set up a user account with GreenGeeks, you will find the Cpanel, which is your dashboard to access all your website features.

1. Click the blue cpanel button at the bottom.

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2. Once you are in cpanel, scroll all the way down to “Softaculous Apps Installer” and click the WordPress icon. You could also search “WordPress” in the top search bar to find the icon.

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3. Click the “Install Now” button. The latest version of WordPress will automatically apply.

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4. Now it’s time to get your settings configured. You will find the following sections, which are pretty straight forward.

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Software Set up
Latest version will appear at top. Enter https if you have an SSL. Otherwise, http://. The next is your domain, “”, which will automatically appear unless you have more than one domain. Unless you’re technically-minded, you can ignore the “In Directory” section. This simply helps you organize your web directory.

Site Name
Enter the title of your website. The title appears in search engines as well as the top of the browser window tab.

Site Description
The site description one is an important one to fill out. The site description determines how likely you will show up in a search result. Keep it simple but accurate and including your location is helpful. Example: Title: Das Studio — Making Brands Better.

Description: Das Studio is a remote, full-service design agency. Specializing in branding and website designs for small businesses with big dreams.

Admin Account
For security reasons, be sure you remove the “admin” and enter your own unique username and password. Make the password Is complex. You can click the little key icon to automatically generate a new password. Voila!

Choose Language
This is self-explanatory. Select your language from the drop down.

Select Plugin
Here you have the option to automatically install some of the more popular plugins.1. Limit Login – protects your site by limiting the number of login attempts. 2. Classic Editor – the original WordPress editor, which was recently replaced by Gutenburg. Select this if you prefer the original look or you’re using a builder/plugin that requires the old editor. Elementor Page Builder – a popular drag and drop WordPress page builder. WPForms Lite – best free WordPress contact form.

Advanced options
This section includes advanced options, including auto updates and backup. We recommend automatically upgrading to the latest version of WordPress, theme, and plugins.  Also, be sure to backup your site at least once a week.

Select a Theme
And finally we have our theme options! You can choose a free WordPress theme if you desire, or allow the installer to automatically pick the default theme for you. This can be changed at any point and custom/paid themes can be added once logged into your WordPress site.

Now click the blue install button and you’re done!

Zoom 5-final.jpg

You’ll see a notice that your software was installed successfully at your domain. It’s a good idea to bookmark your WordPress login address ( for easy access.

That’s it! You’re ready to begin working on your new website. Let the fun begin!

Contact us if we can be of assistance in your web building.



How to do a Google Review Using Mobile

How to do a Google Review Using Mobile

When looking for a new restaurant to try, have you ever picked one based on the rating you find in Google?

Most of us have. We live in a reviews-driven business world, and you could say it’s paramount to the livelihood of every business.

To gain more clients, you need to gain more trust. A business with a 4 star rating out of 20 reviews is going to generate more confidence than a company with a 4 star rating out of 3 reviews.

So how do you get people to leave reviews? It’s not an automatic response for people to leave a raving review, even if they are thrilled with your service. Thus it is essential you provide clear instructions for how to do so.

See how easy it is to leave a review on mobile.

1. Find Google Maps application and open it.

2. Type in the name of the business you’re reviewing.

3. Scroll down until you see the “reviews” tab and select it.

4. Click how many stars you’d like to give and you can give an optional review.

Below is a handy dandy downloadable you can use for your clients!

Google Review for Desktop


1. On your computer, open Google Maps and make sure you’re signed in.
2. Search for a place. Then select it
3. Scroll down until you find “Write a review.”
4. Once in reviews, click the stars to score. Write a review (optional).

Get Your Google Review Link! 

Be sure to share your review link with your customers.

Follow these steps and you will find the link you need..

1. Open Google Maps app (On your computer, open Google Maps and make sure you’re signed in.)
2. Type in your search location.
3. Click the share link.
4. Copy URL.

It’s that simple! Do this and you will see the reviews start trickling in and more business flow as a result.

Want to Review Us?

Since we are a small design studio our business success relies on referrals and customer reviews. If you could take a moment to provide feedback, we’d greatly appreciate it.

What is Branding?

What is Branding?

Coca-Cola, Nestle, Starbucks, Pepsi…what do these companies all have in common? There’s a high chance you consume at least one of these products and it’s not just because they taste good. The products are highly successful because they have mastered the art of branding.

Take Coca-Cola for instance. Their ads seem to always evoke feelings of warmth and optimism. In the commercials, you see families and friends gathered, bottle of Coca-Cola in hand.

In one the most famous commercials of all time (1971 Coca Cola commercial), we see a group of people singing “I’d like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company.” Coca Cola has always relied on the marketing approach of evoking a positive, carefree vibe for its customers. It’s an effective approach as it is a beverage of choice in many family gatherings, parties and restaurants.

In our increasingly competitive business market, we all want our company to stand out and be recognized in a sea of other businesses offering similar products and services.

You’ve probably heard the term “branding” used frequently to describe a company’s brand style, but what exactly is it? defines branding as “The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.”

 Put into simple terms, a brand is your company’s personality: who you are and how others perceive you. It is what sets you apart from your competitors. Your consumers develop a sense of what to expect from your product or services based on the values and qualities you choose to communicate in your design, slogan and marketing campaigns.

For instance, if you are a daycare provider, you may opt to style your marketing material with bright colors, playful fonts and simple illustrations to characterize your business as a place for children. Your slogan is “Providing a Safe Place for Children to Grow.” Naturally, you will make it clear to your prospects that your daycare teachers are CPR certified and provide continual video monitoring to ease the concerns of the child’s parent.

On the other hand, if you are an attorney, you will likely go for a more sleek and professional look using neutral colors like gray, navy or crimson red.

In branding, your goal is to solve a problem or fulfill a need specific to your target audience. There are multiple ways and styles of doing this. Do your research and decide what approach will work for your unique clientele. Remember Corona’s “Find Your Beach” commercials? They  offer their consumers a much needed escape from work. Then you have the famous Nike swoosh “Just Do it” intended to motivate you to workout and purchase their line of athletic apparel. Different approaches work for different companies.

Effective Branding will..

Make a clear statement about you

  • Make you appear trustworthy
  • Provide an emotional connection to your customer
  • Motivate your buyers to make a purchase
  • Promote customer loyalty

Zoom blank-branding-identity-business-6372.jpg

Ready To Get Started? 

Here is a step by step process to help make you a branding rock star…

Step 1: Identify your business objective. Be as specific as possible about what you wish to accomplish in your business and develop a company mission.

Step 2: Research, research, research. Who are you competitors? What are they doing right? Don’t reinvent the wheel, but also keep your brand unique.

Step 3: Decide your marketing style. Is your jewelry line going to have an elegant, upscale look to appeal to white collar professional woman? Or are you an up-and-coming video game store appealing to college students with an edgy grunge look?

Step 4: Write out your goals. Decide the step-by-step process of how you will create your brand. Do you have a logo? What social media accounts will you primarily use to market yourself? Does the style of your website reflect the style of your brand? What are your budget goals?

Step 5: Maintenance Mode It’s easy to get off track and focus on your immediate tasks, but it’s vital that you keep on top of your brand strategy. You may have to take a step back and re-evaluate your current marketing approach. Decide what’s working for you and what’s not.

This a great starting point and should be reevaluated periodically to ensure your business success. If you are unsure, you may want to consider hiring a professional to help you work out the details. As tempting as it may be to jump into the launching of your brand, it is wise to plan strategically so that you have a firm foundation.

How to Install WordPress on GreenGeeks

Hosting Provider We Recommend

Is it possible to find a hosting provider that provides quality service in ADDITION to being budget-friendly?!

As you may be well aware, there are a plethora of web host providers out there promising to deliver the best service… How do you choose?

Several years ago, DasStudio discovered GreenGeeks hosting, and we’re not looking back! We recommend them to all of our clients. Here are some of the qualities we GEEK out about….

EcoFriendly Environment

It may surprise you that the web site hosting industry is indeed harmful to our environment! The average web hosting service produces 1,390 lb of C02 per year with predictions that it will use as much energy as the airline industry by 2020!

GreenGeeks is the most eco-friendly web hosting service in existence today. You can find them on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partners. GreenGeeks uses environmental foundations to purchase wind energy credits to put back into the grid three times (3X) the amount of energy they consume. Other hosting providers run on fossil fuels or other harmful sources of energy.

High Performance

We’ve heard nightmares of clients having their sites down repeatedly for hours at a time! This is especially common with some of the cheap web hosts out there. With GreenGeeks’ 99.9% service uptime, you can be assured your site be up and stay up! They also offer complimentary CDN (Content Delivery Network to help speed up your site.  To increase security, account isolation is another excellent feature, protecting your website against hackers. Their secure cFS framework allows them to protect against malware in real-time.

Superior Customer Service

Do you cringe when you are only given the option to call customer support with 45+ minute wait times? GreenGeeks offers 24/7 online customer support (email or live chat) in addition to being available by phone 7 days a week (M-F 9Am-12AM; Sat-Sun 9Am – 8 PM). Generally, we never have to wait more than 5 minutes for a representative to respond.

Cost Effective / Budget Friendly

Who doesn’t want to save money? At $2.95/month GreenGeeks is one of the lowest cost providers out there. GreenGeeks offers a free domain for an entire year and will even provide one free web transfer, free of charge! So if you’re looking to migrate your existing site (from another web host provider), you can have the professionals handle it without lifting a finger.  When you select a 2 or 3-year plan, it works out to be about $5-7CAD a month which is way cheaper than other host providers. They currently have a 60% off which will be automatically applied as you go through the steps.

If you want to go ahead sign up you can by following this link… ( Das Studio tracking link)

Just follow these steps:

  1. Click button (Get Started)
    2. Select Hosting Plan & choose a domain name (I Need to Register a new Domain)
    3. Fill out all your contact info
    4. Best coupon value will automatically apply
    5. Once complete, you will receive 3 emails total (With an important account and hosting information for the last 2)

Any questions? Just ask us! We’re happy to help.

Color Psychology

Color Psychology

Have you ever walked into a doctor’s office with bright red walls? Of course not. It’s more likely a pastel green that can actually make you feel more relaxed. Color has a notable effect on our moods and can even influence how we react to a design. An experienced designer knows this well and strategically selects colors that will create the desired reaction for a product or service.  

Although colors can affect individuals in different ways, the overall tone is universal. Red is bold and attention-grabbing while blue evokes a sense of trust and authenticity. 

Note that the degree of each shade will produce different reactions (i.e. a light yellow green having a more energetic vibe vs a deep evergreen shade offering a more calming, conservative feel). In general though, brighter shades tend to be more energizing while darker shades offer a more relaxed and refined vibe.


Bold, Unapologetic, Romantic

A very powerful and confident color, red is associated with intense emotions like love, anger and aggression. It can be used to indicate danger (think stop signs), power (red sports car) or even passion (Valentine’s Day hearts). 

Seeing the color red can raise respiration and blood pressure, so use with caution. This color is seen on national flags, sports advertisements, and even lingerie ads. 

A bright, red background with black and white text commands attention to Word & Co’s ‘About Us’ page. The bulky text and limited information helps the user digest the information without being overwhelmed by the blatant hue.


Successful Red Brands: Target, Coca Cola, Netflix, Staples, YouTube, Marlboro, Red Bull, Chick-Fil-A & Red Cross


Creative, Fresh, Enthusiastic

Orange is a friendlier shade than its cousin red. It is associated with optimism, creativity, vitality success, playfulness and sunshine. The color of oranges, it can also be associated with health and wellness. It’s an effective color choice to market children’s toys, food, and even home merchandise (Home Depot). 
Whataburger, a family friendly burger restaurant uses a few different shades of orange to evoke feelings of warmth, trust and positive energy to their audience.


Successful Orange Brands: Fanta, Harley Davidson, Amazon, Nickelodeon, Mastercard, Reese, Soundcloud & Firefox


Sunny, Joyful, Cautious

Yellow is a complex color representing cheerfulness, knowledge, confidence, communication and creativity. It is also associated with cowardice and warning (think caution signs), so use carefully.

Mailchimp recently rebranded their website using a striking yellow color scheme. The logo has been simplified and converted to black for easy visibility over the yellow background. It makes the site more vibrant and memorable, while still engaging the audience with its new innovative look. 


Successful Yellow Brands: McDonalds, Best Buy, Ikea, National Geographic, Snapchat, Shell, Mello Yellow & Cheerios 


Healthy, Prosperous, Tranquil

Green is the color of our environment. It’s about growth, balance, nurturing, renewal, even prosperity. It is one of the most soothing colors and–as a result–is commonly seen in medical offices.  

You will find this color in environmentally friendly and organic nutrition products as well as banks, financial organizations and medical products. Starbucks utilizes green in their logo to embody the growth, novelty and financial success of the company.

Successful Green Brands: Spotify, Heineken, BP, Whole Foods, Android, Tic Tac, John Deere & Publix


Perceptive, Artistic, Royal

Purple is a creative and intuitive shade.  

With its imaginative & introspective properties, many businesses like design studios, spiritual or counseling centers employ the color in their marketing designs. The color of royalty, purple can also represent financial or ecommerce sites nicely (think WooCommerce).

Purple is a balancing color of the intellect and emotions, connecting the spiritual and physical world. It is not uncommon for psychologists and philosophers to have an affinity for this intriguing color. 

Kaleidoscope cleverly uses a combination of deep and bright purple to give their tech site a creative and edgy feel. The dark background pulls the user’s attention to the headline while the bright purple call to action button commands attention to download their application. 

Successful Purple Brands: Cadbury, Yahoo, Roku, Niveo, Monster, Zoopla, Hallmark & Aussie


Honest, Down to Earth, Calming

Perhaps the most popular of all colors, blue conveys trust, serenity and graciousness. It is easy on the eyes and gives off a welcoming vibe. As such, you will find this color commonly used in financial, legal and medical practices. 

The color of sky and water, blue is seen every day in our environment, is extremely versatile, and compliments other colors effectively. 

bZx effectively uses multiple shades of blue in their website help build a potential client’s trust for their margin trading industry. 


Successfully Blue Brands: Facebook, Skype, Ford, Paypal, Samsung, GAP, General Electric, Chase & IBM


Ordinary, Sincere, Earthy

Brown is a very natural color. It is the color of our earth. It conveys  solidity, safety and a strong foundation. By itself, brown can appear dull and unrefined, but combined with other colors, it can be strikingly beautiful. It’s an excellent color choice for outdoor recreational companies, coffee shops, and wood furniture stores. 

Guarda Golf Hotel & Residences uses brown very effectively for their elegant site. The brown gives it a warm, cozy feeling to entice the potential buyer to book a hotel room. 


Successful Brown Brands: UPS, Hersheys, A&W, Cotton, Cracker Barrel, M&M’s, Hollister & Back to Nature 


Formal, Powerful, Secretive

Black is the absence of all colors and it can convey the feeling of power, sophistication and mystery. It is the color of evil, the night sky, and ravens. Despite the negative connation, black can exude elegance and confidence, creates contrast against other colors, and makes text extra legible against a white background. 

The black background provides a perfect contrast to the white text and interesting graphical outline. The ‘o’ in two also serves as a target to bring your focus to “two chimp’s awesome, no nonsense coffee.”


Successful Black Brands: Nike, Chanel, Canon, Adidas, Belk, Allure, Forbes, PBS, Puma, Calvin Klein & Loreal


Innocent, spotless, sophisticated

It’s clean, pure and unadulterated. It is associated with virtue, but can also give off a cold or formal tone. White can complement literally any color and bring attention to the places you want with its negative space. Adding just a touch of another color to white can bring a very elegant feel to the design. 

Apple does it best. A clean, easy to read design that accentuates the sleek phones showcasing colorful images of planets.

Successful White Brands: Crocs, Teslr, The North Face, Nescafe, Apple, ABC,  Pop Tarts, Uber, Dove & Pandora


Professional, Muted, Somber

A blend of white and black, gray is a very neutral color, which makes it an excellent transitional color. Sometimes pure white or pure black can be too stark for the design. You can choose a deep gray instead of black or the lightest of grays to add some color to a lackluster design. Since gray can seem gloomy, be sure to balance it out with color when appropriate. 

My Own Bike uses a gray background very effectively in their interactive bike building site. The use of neutral dark gray in the header text and logo helps eliminate distractions, drawing attention to the most important element—the bike. 


Successful Gray Brands: Wikipedia, Wii, Sketchers, Mercedes-Benz, Swarovski, WordPress, Microsoft