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New Bolder Look, Same Brilliant Services.

New Bolder Look, Same Brilliant Services.

Das Studio has evolved! Not only in the quality of our work, but also in our total brand identity. We celebrate our 6th year of Making Brands Better. We are blessed to work with our lovely local and worldwide clients. It was time for a rebrand to match our ever-growing passion and dedication to exceptional design.


New Colour Palette

We’ve said goodbye to monochromatic teal and Hello to fresh, vibrant colours for our brand. Our new colour pallets highlight our personality and professional services. We don’t limit ourselves to any singular design trend, so why should be we bound to a singular colour? Just as there are thousands of unique businesses, there are limitless design possibilities.

Two Distinct Words

You may have noticed the added space in Das Studio. We did this to clear up any confusion on the name. Capitalizing the two words has shed light on the meaning of the title — “Das Studio” (that’s German for “The Studio”). Yes, we’re that fancy. 

Refined Slogan

After much thought, we feel that we have found a slogan that defines us! Making Brands Better. Yep, that is our mission, summarized in three words. It made sense to add this to our logo tagline since this is exactly what we do! It is our passion and privilege to create sleek and functional designs for each brand we work with.

Gimme More

Besides our visual brand identity, we’ve revamped the Das Studio website. Our website has gone through a full makeover and extensive testing. Its’ performance and appearance are top-notch, head to toe. It’s not only really ridiculously good-looking, but it is also intelligent. Now, that’s sexy!
2019 Website Trends

2019 Website Trends

In our constantly evolving world of web design, it’s befitting we stay on top of the latest trends to remain competitive. Not surprisingly, time spent on the World Wide Web is continuing to rise. Mobile first websites (that is, sites designed to first and foremost look great on mobile devices) is a definite must.

As attention span is increasingly becoming shorter and shorter, we must compensate for this by developing websites that load quickly and successfully capture their gaze.

More Movement

You’ve likely noticed the trend toward more dynamic sites. A simple hover of the mouse can create interesting effects such as slide-in text, fade-in photos, shifting graphics, or a pop-up on your screen. Engaging video backgrounds are now very commonly seen on the site header. All these things are intended to be attention grabbers, and it’s highly effective (provided that it’s also fast-loading.) It is satisfying for viewers to interact with your site and inspired with their mouse clicks. Just be sure not to overdo it.

Creative Use of Geometric Shapes

Colorful graphics and shapes are becoming increasingly popular. It’s a great way to add interest without slowing the site down as the images tend to be low resolution and therefore fast loading. It’s common to find these geometric shapes on the website header to direct the user’s gaze to pertinent information including your CTA button. The design should be strategic and correlate with your site theme. Keep it fresh, original, pair it with photos when appropriate and don’t forget the “less is more” principle.

Below is an example of a site that effectively uses hexagon shapes to form an exciting and colorful picture collage.

Original + Quality Images = Attention Grabbers

At one time cheesy stock images were all the rage. OK, at least acceptable. Fast forward to 2018, and it’s a very different picture, literally. If you want to appear credible and gain the attention your site deserves, be thoughtful in your image selection. Choose only high-quality images that seem authentic for your website; if you have original photos — even better. However, there is indeed no shortage of high-quality stock images available from several different sources.

We love for a decent royalty-free selection that is cost-free. Adobe Stock is another excellent option with a broader variety for pay by image or month plans.

Asymmetrical Design

As original, cutting-edge web design is gaining recognition, and there is a growing trend toward asymmetrical design. The asymmetrical design is just as it sounds; a design layout that is not symmetrical and not following a grid layout. For instance, you could have a text block balancing out an image. It must be used strategically so that it still appears balanced and pleasing to the eye.


Chatbots are becoming more and more common in our ever-increasing technological generation. Many prefer digital communication to potentially waiting several minutes on hold to reach customer support. It’s convenient for users to type in their questions and receive instant feedback for their query. It benefits business owners as it allows them to assist customers without being physically there. Besides, you can gather information about your potential customer to serve their needs better.

Bright Colors & Gradients

In the last few years, we’ve seen more and more vibrant color schemes stylized on websites. Instagram popularized this concept by being one of the first companies to brand their logo with the flamboyant purple, pink and yellow gradient. It’s an effective way to gain interest when applied to headers, images, page backgrounds, and even text. It can be incorporated boldly to add intensity or subtly as in the below website examples.

Alluring Typography

As web browsers are better supporting custom fonts, we are noticing an increase in gorgeous typography that can sometimes gain more attention than the images! Bold, eclectic and occasionally custom fonts are a nice touch and should tie in with your company design style. Experiment with different font pairings that look good together.

Sites like TypeKit, FontSquirrel, and make it easy to check out different fonts and obtain the web font information.


In our constantly evolving world of web design trends, there is one thing that will remain the same: UX Design or User Experience. Ensure that your site functions well and navigation is made easy. Make sure your website provides ample information and is a satisfying and visually pleasing experience. Just as you would expect on a world-class cruise ship, go the extra mile and exceed your client’s expectations.

How to upload a product in WooCommerce

How to upload a product in WooCommerce

If you are a proud new owner of a brand new website we congratulate you! Woohoo, Congrats haha!! Now, although we know you are ambitious and are eager to dive right into your new site and start selling your products online we do have a few suggestions to help you become that big success you’ve always dreamt of. Owning your own website is a big deal… it now connects you with your clients online and will give you the brand awareness you deserve. If you follow the suggested steps below will help you keep your product shop looking fly reather than a hot mess.

Alight, let’s imagine you are all ready to go… logged into your WordPress site.

  1. On your Dashboard…click ‘All Products’ on the left-hand side.
  2. Click create a new Product.
  3. Choose an existing product (One already created so it is all correct). Hover over product and click “Duplicate”
  4. Edit product name match the new product. Try to include what the product is rather than just “Forrest Birds”. Include “Die” or “Stamp” in the title as well.
  5. Update Catagory checks. Check the category it belongs to (Example: Stamps) and the subcategory it may fit into (Example: Nature).
  6. Update your tags. Tags to include catagory, brand, designer, what it is, color, pattern, size etc.
  7. Replace Product Image. If the product has multiple images then use the best image as the “product feature image” and the secondary images as “product gallery” images. Include the product title and any other relevant information on your product image. This will make it easier to find again in the future.
  8. In the “Product Data” section located under the title please update
    The price (Under the General Tab).
    The stock and SKU (Under the Inventory Tab).
    Linked products (Under the Linked Products Tab).
  9. Lastly, update the description at the bottom in the “Product Short Description” section.

Now to create a variable product you do everything about but also:

  1. In the product Data section, in the drop-down menu that says “Simple Product” please change it to “Variable Product”.
  2. Click on the “Attributes” side tab. In the drop-down menu choose how your product varies (by color, size, pattern etc). Click “Add”.
  3. In the Values box type in your different variations.
    (For example, if you had an ink pad in different colors you would type in the first color and find it in the list)
  4. If the variation you are looking does not come up in your search click on “Add New” to create a new variation.
  5. Once you have chosen all your variations (You are allowed up to 50). Check the box that says “Used for variations”. And click “Save attributes”.
  6. Now go to the “Variations Tab”, click on the drop down and choose “Create variations from all attributes”. Two pop-ups will appear, click “OKAY” for both. All of your attributes will show up underneath.
  7. For each attribute, assign a price, SKU, stock, and image.
  8. Assign an image by clicking on the blue square. (This will help clients when they choose the color or size from the product drop down it will bring them to the image this chose. )
  9. When you are done editing all of the variations, click “Save changes”.
  10. Lastly, assign a product image from one of the variations (The best photo). And add all other variation images to the product gallery. (This is so when they click through on the product page they see all the variations.


All product images should be square and 700 pixels by 700 pixels. Try to center them if you can with some space around the product. For a clean professional look. The more photos the better (for showcasing your product).

Good luck! And don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Business Cards+ with NFC technology Contest

Business Cards+ with NFC technology Contest

Just when you thought that you were finally caught up with the newest technology Moo’s Business Cards hit a slam dunk with the launch of the NFC chip card reader. The Business Cards+ with NFC technology can share your contacts or portfolio by simply tapping a smartphone. Keep Reading, Contest Rules below! 🙂

Key Features:

  • High quality Conqueror® Alive paper
  • Easily program Actions to the embedded NFC chip
  • Trigger digital Actions with a single tap
  • Make smarter, faster connections for your business
  • Business Cards+ from CDN$ 39.99

Business cards have been persistently one of the most effective networking tools from the start and continue to be one of the most important first impressions your brand can ever make. Moo, the online retailer for custom-printed business cards has given this ancient networking tool an upgrade by connecting the digital world with the physical in just one tap!

Tap into the future | Business Cards+ from on Vimeo.

Their new cutting edge, released today, business cards are embedded with the same Near Field Communication technology used in the common tap-and-go services like Apple Pay. By simply tapping your smartphone (no app required) the card will allow users to skip the tedious typing and go straight to the information online such as websites, social media profiles and even online portfolios. Best thing about it is that the design and beauty of the physical card still remains unlike those awful QR codes that everyone should have ditched 10 years ago! (If you are still using the QR code, please stop.)

Moo developed a platform called Paper+ which allows the user to customize the information on their physical card and lets the user control where the card links to and to see who clicks on their card and when. Applications can be as simple as automatically adding your contact details onto someones contact list on their smart phone or it can include actions like pulling u a song, an app download, or the latest posts on your Instagram account. Since it is URL-based the user may change the link by simply updating the preprogrammed information.

Right now the cards are compatible with Android and Windows phones. The newer iphones do have the Apple Pay tap option and in the near future I am certain that apple will unlock this feature to upkeep with its competitors.

I am confident that the technology will be expanded — therefore I am willing to offer a free business card design (or re-design) for 1 lucky winner!!

To enter the contest all you have to do is…

  • Like Das Studio on Facebook.
  • Share this post.
  • Tag a friend in the comments section.
  • If you are the winner, you must print using the NFC chip card through moo. Business Cards+  start from CDN$ 39.99. You may print as many cards as you want. Printing costs are not included.
  • Contest ends June 30th, Winner will be announced on Facebook on July 1st!

Why Long Format Sales Pages Work

Why Long Format Sales Pages Work

A long format sales page is a long sales pitch all on one page. These pages work extremely well in many circumstances if the content of the page is strategically placed and visually appealing.

The reason why you have a website is because you have a product or service you would like to sell.  If you only have one product or service there is no reason why you should have more than one page on your website. The only information you need to advertise on you site is to educate the consumer about the product/service and its benefits.

A single page helps the consumer come to a decision quickly. Several pages can be distracting and only get in the way of your important sales pitch!

Why Long Sales Pages Work:

  1. The long sales page answers mostly if not all possible questions a customer may have.
  2. People have short attention spans and do not like to take action. So fewer pages and buttons will encourage the consumer to make a decision.
  3. All the content is presented on one page and the headings are the navigation cues.
  4. The only clickable option is the buy button/link.
  5. Big bold headlines and all the other wacky fonts you see in long sales page work because it attracts attention.

Right now there is no better solution of selling some products online. Ask me today if a long format sales page is right for your product and test the page to see if it performs – it’s as simple as that.