Outdoor mapping company is an Ottawa Valley local business who specialize in Authentic Maps and Décor. This logo design delivers that overall professional look they were striving for. It consists of a rugged landscape view with a combination of a serif and sans-serif font.

This logo is versatile and looks great in many different formats without ever losing the brand identity. It also looks great in black and white which is very important for a logo. Being able to use your logo on a colored or textured background comes in handy when it is so strong in black and white.

Using serif typography for the business name gives it a modern and mature look. We chose to emphasize the word Company and the established since the date in a very clean sans-serif typeface and light teal because it helps it stand out. Nathan (the owner) had mentioned in one of our conversations that the word Company is an important part of the business name and gives the vibe of the ‘Hudsons Bay Company”… This logo design emphasizes on that!

The main color choices for this logo are a dark pine green paired with a fresh light teal. This color combo is a great match for the business because it provides a balance between the rugged outdoors side with a pop of color which showcases the canvas printing business side. The colors were also chosen from the previous designs found on your current website. Using the same colors for the Outdoor Mapping Company rebrand will help previous website visitors feel like they are still viewing the same company page but with a fresh new look. Keeping the color choices to a bare minimum really makes this logo very bold, and intriguing.

The overall vibe of this logo is a professional, rugged and an established business that carries a high-end product. This logo is timeless and will grow with the business for many more years to come! We hope you love it as much as we do!